Thursday, December 26, 2013

Keep your family safe with updated wiring.  Do you worry that your old frayed wiring puts your home in danger of a fire?   If your home has aluminum or galvanized steel wiring, this wiring could become brittle which could spark and potentially be a fire hazard. What you need to do is talk to a qualified electrician about installing solid copper wiring which conforms to the rules and regulations of the National Electrical Code.  Expert electricians know the ins and outs of installing wiring that is the correct color and proper size and know how to strip, bend and tighten the connections insuring safe and functional wiring.  Local electricians are your best bet for installing solid cooper wiring in your home.  If you have concerns about the wiring in your home and want to insure that your home is safe and not in danger of being a possible fire hazard, contact an experienced and competent electrician in Smithtown.  Installing new wiring in your home is not a DIY project and should be left in the skilled hands of a pro.